Christian Stefani
Art, Photography, Graphic Design


Art, Photography, Graphic Design


About Me

His art suspended in a blur between 17th and 18th century combining elegance and sensuality while considering the symbolism used by painters of the time. His models are often depicted in Boudoirs scenes where Marqueeses and other aristocrats lounge amongst their emotions, although some damsels are, occasionally, more tempted by the adventurous world of piracy, or the lustful one of the courtesans. His perfectionist's attention to detail, led him to build his own theater set where he directs the female anatomy and other elements like an orchestral conductor, to create visual harmony, thus his models are diverse in their shapes and age,as there are no restraints in the search for beauty.

NAME : Chris Stefani
TITLE : Graphic Designer EFZ/CFC - Photographer
BORN : 24.06.86
CITY : Biel/Bienne
SPEAKS : French, German, English, Italian

The Boudoir

His research in art history led him to painters who influenced him, From Caravaggio to Bouguereau and through Füssli and François Boucher. Inspired by the dramatic atmosphere of the Baroque and the lascivious and voluptuous Rococo subjects.
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